Choosing a Modern Study Desk: 4 Common Options to Consider

If you spend long hours at your study desk, you could end up with a hurting back, a sore neck, achy shoulders and overall fatigue, the Business Insider says, unless you pick the right one. Owning the right study desk is important to keep you physically healthy and productive optimally.

Here are four common options you’ll want to check out when you scout around for the perfect study desk.

Writing desk

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A writing desk can be so much smaller or wider than a computer table. It can come in a variety of sizes. Pick one that offers you enough room to work. For instance, some find it easy to use a narrow computer desk. If you’re in the habit of consulting a ton of books or materials at your desk before you come up with those reports or assignments, then make a short list of desks that offer plenty of elbow room where you could read, study, and research.

Computer desk

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In many houses, a study desk can also mean a computer desk. Check out options that combine a desk and computer table. While both a writing desk and computer desk are designed for efficiency and simplicity, a computer desk comes with ample space for a computer and monitor. It also has built-in features for cables, a keyboard table, and other parts and accessories, the Business Know-How says. Check for those features when you shop for a study desk.

Cupboard and desk

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Also known as a Credenza desk, you can combine a cupboard with a desk when you shop for desks online. These furniture pieces are a usual sight in living rooms or dining rooms. The best thing about a credenza desk is that you get plenty of storage and display space for your books, mementos, vases, decorative accents and more, all while you get a desk you can use when you need to study or work on a project.

Corner desk

If you don’t have much room in your apartment and you want to maximize every single inch of space available, then a corner desk may the best pick to go for. You could choose a large L-shaped spread to give you a lot of room to work. Consider the leg space too, when you shop for desks online. While a wide table is all well and good, if the table is too low or offers too little leg space, you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you love space-saving solutions, you could also look for wall-mounted desks. That’s a good solution for bedrooms or dorms.

Buying tips to follow

  • Don’t forget the lights. You may want to invest in a dedicated task light than rely on ambient or general lighting.
  • Pick the right spot. Look for a spot where you could focus and concentrate.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you consider these options carefully. Finding the right piece of furniture may require a bit of time and effort but all of that is going to be worth it when you finally sit down to work at a good-sized desk. The more comfortable your desk is, the greater your productivity levels will be.


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