Wander Project Greenwood IN…

Greenwood Indiana was home for 12 years. We thought about moving to Greenwood two years before that but held on in Cincinnati for those two years. But 1999 saw us pack up our house in Cincinnati Ohio (Mt. Airy) and move to Greenwood. I will never forget my wife, October 1999, sitting on the lawn of our new house sending the movers to various rooms. It was an amazing organization system.

We had over the course of getting ready to move, visited about ten houses. When we finally decided on the house we wanted, the owners had taken it off the market. We made an offer anyway, and the owners took it. I only remember a couple of the other houses we looked at. One had a complete mother-in-law suite in the basement as well as a large open space. We ended up not choosing that one because it was separated from the other houses around it.

We also looked at one in the same neighborhood as my sister, and one in the neighborhood connected to my sisters. I remember the one in the neighborhood next to my sisters was our second favorite overall. Even though it was the same size as the house we picked, it just didn’t have the same feel as the one we ended up choosing. That was four weekends of driving over to Indiana and looking at houses before finally selecting the house we wanted that was to be our Greenwood home.


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