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The day the house moved on the street. The farmhouse, probably 80 years old that once owned the land that our subdivision, the golf course and most likely two or three of the other subdivisions near our house were still in place when we moved into our house. It was, however, sold to a couple that no longer wished to have that house on the lot. They then sold the house to a Daycare (where my wife worked, and the twins attended). The house was lifted off its foundation, a new foundation was built at the school, and they moved house down the road. If you can imagine, for those who didn’t know the house was moving, it must have been a shock.

We’ve all driven places and then suddenly realized we didn’t see something properly. You look up, and suddenly there is a vehicle in front of you that you didn’t expect. For me, it is things like Marsalis or Ferraris that catch my eye. The occasional Rolls Royce or some cool car form 50 years ago. From time to time on the highway, I see a national home (prefabricated home cut in half and transported to where it would be assembled). My grandfather used to sell national homes years ago. I was actually in Chicago the day they moved house, but my wife took pictures to share with me later. They watched, from the side of the road that falls day.

It is not often that you see a big old house on the street. The old farmhouse was moved to the school area. It was to become the new school house. Previously the Daycare owner had run the school out of her house. Now, for the cost of a dollar and of course the cost to move house, she was able to move out of her house into a new house that was an old house that was now her new school house. I should make that title the tile of the piece today. The day they moved house from the across the street. Where were you the day they moved house? I was in Chicago. Working with a customer on what I am sure was not as fun as watching a house get moved!

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