Wander project Greenwood

All of the pictures today were taken by my wife, and were all film pictures scanned during the family history project (hence two being or facing the wrong direction). This is of our daughters birthday one year in the kitchen of our home in Greenwood IN. There are pictures of me, probably taken 12 – 14 years ago. I didn’t have gray hair in these photos. Makes them hard to look at sometimes, I have lots of gray hair now.

Funny how the things you notice changes over time. I didn’t use to notice my hair. Now I do. The party was one of several of my daughter’s friends. She had different groups of friends over the years, but the ones she made her junior and senior year in high school are still her friends now. Interesting because the guy she dated then wasn’t my favorite then, and now is persona non-grata in our entire family. Funny how things like that work out.

We loved our Indiana house. Like my parents, we moved in and started changing things (although in fairness, we’ve changed our Maryland house more in the past five years than we did our Indiana house in the entire 12 years, other than the one huge project (The backyard pool). It is always funny to me that we find the perfect house, we move in, then we start making it more perfect. If it wasn’t perfect, to begin with, why didn’t we keep looking?


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Thanks Carol! Read your comments, thank you so much for taking the time all the way through all these pictures! We did that one year, (let the kids decorate their own cakes) I have to say it was a huge mess. But a lot of fun!