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wander project flowers, and taking the labs to the vet!

The pictures today are of tropical flowers, taken during my two days in Singapore, where I was free of meetings. The flowers, chosen today to remind us that spring is near.   Tropical flowers are very different than the flowers I encounter every day on my forced march. It is a forced march because, even on days when the Labs don’t feel great, they want to go on their walk. I don’t know when my walk for exercise became the territory of the labs that live with us. But it did. They are the masters of the trail. It is funny how things change over time. Sometimes we see or notice the change during the change itself. Sometimes we don’t realize the difference is there until it is done.

We wandered the labs to the vet yesterday. They do their annual checkup. The two were pronounced as fit and in good health. They did have to get their yearly shots, Kennel Cough, and distemper shots.  In case we ever need to board them, they also got a Bordatella shot. They are pretty good with vets. They did have a favorite Vet, but he is down in the middle of Virginia now, so we had to change vets. This is our 4th vet since moving to Maryland. You have to have excellent listening skills; I think to be a veterinarian. In addition to having diagnostic skills based on the symptoms presented, you have to be able to talk to the human and get their take on what is going on.

Anyway, they got a clean bill of health, and we headed back home. Our daughter is working at this vet, so out of loyalty, we go there now. The vet is located about 30 miles away from us. It is actually in Kim’s old stomping grounds of Frederick, Maryland. Frederick is a beautiful city; we go there on occasion. It is, however, a good 30-35 minute drive. On the way home, it was closer to 45 minutes. Traffic was snarled around the construction area on the south side of Frederick. It doesn’t take much to congest traffic on the way to Washington DC. But it wasn’t too bad, and we were able to cut off the highway and take the back way, which saved us a good 20 minutes.

The best news was the Labs are healthy!


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