Wander project first day on the Bay in 2018!!!!!

It is interesting to me the configuration of Maryland as a physical state. Maryland has two halves, Western Maryland and Eastern Short. We live in Western Maryland, so we wander over to the farthest reaches of Western Maryland where we keep our boat. It is as far as Western Maryland can go because Western Maryland’s western edge is the Chesapeake Bay. Well until you get north of Baltimore, then the edge of Western Maryland is a river, not the Bay. The Bay remains a vital part of what Maryland is. As a child, I spent a lot of time in Wisconsin. Wisconsin, like Minnesota, has a lot of lakes. My grandparents lived on the shores of one of those lakes.

Maryland is rivers and Bays. Yes, there are lakes, one that is less than 5 miles from our house. 4 miles if you could drive in a straight line, but you can’t so following the winding road for an extra mile to get to the Great Seneca Lake. There is no Lesser or Minor Seneca Lake. Just the Great one. I wonder when people name places why they don’t consider that reality, the naming of Lesser and Greater is very important ?.

Well, maybe it is important to me.

Shady Side is a part of Maryland that is a Peninsula, pushing a finger out into the Bay. Our winter Marina is there. You can’t keep a boat in the water in case of freezing. We have a bubbler (it moves water around your boat so you could leave it in the water if you wanted to) but we don’t use the bubbler. We have the boat taken out of the water, power washed and sealed for the winter. We then, in March (or this year April) move the boat to its summer home near Annapolis. The pictures shared today are of the moving boat expedition!!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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