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Wander project my favorite all time cities (2 of the 3)

As we move along the path of my all time favorite cities, I started yesterday by listing my tied for number 1, top 3. I promised to share the why the three are my all-time favorite cities, and then we will head to my top ten great places to visit list, that is my next project. My all-time three favorite cities were shared yesterday and are Bangkok Thailand, Dublin Ireland, and Copenhagen Denmark. Interesting note, two of the three I have taken my family to and those are the same ones I went to as a child. One of the cities is one that I visited while traveling for work, and fell in love with the city!

Copenhagen and Bangkok were actually directly on the original trip agenda. Bangkok was the destination of the overall trip and Copenhagen was one of our stops on the way home. It was Christmas time 1972 as we were heading home, so Copenhagen was magical! Although, after a year in the tropics it was cold.

My first overseas travel came when I was 11 and 12 years old. We, by us, in this case, is my father, were part of the UNESCO team working with the government and universities of Thailand to continue the progress started by the US Peace Corps in the 1960’s. UNESCO was working with the institutions of higher learning, and my father was helping build a science education program. My fondest memories of the Bangkok of my youth was the temples and the people. I will never forget the people of Thailand. (the image is of my sons, sleeping, also something I will never forget).

Copenhagen was a place we stopped on the way home from Bangkok. My very favorite thing was walking by a toy store the first night we were there. The Christmas or Holiday display in the window was the most amazing display I have ever seen. It was mechanized, and I was entranced. I loved that display. I suspect I made my poor mother walk there more times than I care to imagine. Finally, the joy of seeing the little Mermaid statue with my father, and taking a picture of it then was amazing for me. I have had the fortune of taking my family to Bangkok and Copenhagen for family vacations. They both are amazing places to visit.

These two cities still mean so much to me. We made the trek across the city of Copenhagen to capture the Little Mermaid on digital cameras. Recreating an event my father and I had done 40 years before. That to me, was the magic moment of Copenhagen. To stand where my father and I, had once stood and then doing the same thing then and now. To me that is the magic of travel!


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