Wander project my father’s office Bloomington Indiana

I remember going to my father’s office in the late 1960’s, the first time. We had moved to Bloomington Indiana in the mid-60’s, my father was a graduate student (Doctoral), and when he finished his degree, Indiana University hired him as a tenure-track professor. I remember going to his office in the old University School building on campus. Mostly at that time because dad would buy us a coke from the 10 cent fridge. The grad students and professors filled the fridge with pop, at a dime a piece.

The images shared today come from my father’s office in the new School of Education. The old school was as stated the old University School. The halls were lined with lockers although in most cases I doubt all of the combinations were known. The building was old and was the IU School of Ed for many years. Towards the end of my father’s teaching career, which would have been in the late 1990’s a new school of ed was built.

This is my father’s lab in the new building. I loved going to dad’s lab. I am a huge fan of gathering information from scientific tools. I still have a lot of instruments in my house because of those many visits over the years. I have also backed some campaigns on Kickstarter focused on information. From laser measurement devices to Seismopgrahs, I love scientific instruments. I need to get my telescope out and share pictures of the moon!


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