Wander project Father's Day Memories!

One of the cool things about a digital camera is the reality of effects. With a traditional point and shoot or Single Lens Reflex camera, you were limited by the lens and the number of shots remaining on the roll of film. With digital cameras, you could suddenly be carrying a digital camera that could do a bunch of different things, including slow motion, time-lapse, video and still images. One device, now, fast forward and most of that functionality is on your cellular phone. Go back 20 years, and all you had was still pictures. The evolution of pictures is interesting. The reason for the discussion is that one of the early effects you could try with digital cam3reas was the panorama.

The last three pictures shared today are early Panoramas. All three were of my father’s office in their old house. Mom has a much smaller, and a very cozy house now. When dad was still alive, they were still living in their house on Kinser Pike. Dad had planted 8 or 9 apple trees on the property. There was a fenced in backyard for the dogs. Dad had also planted Bamboo in the backyard. Bamboo grows like crazy and quickly took over his entire backyard. Dad didn’t care, he had applied for and received a state of Indiana wildlife refuge designation for his backyard. It made it illegal to hunt animals in mom and dad’s yard as well as no pesticides and so on.

Not, in a residential area, that many people were asking to hunt in their backyard. The dogs loved going to mom and dad’s house; they could run around the Bamboo like crazy people. Dylan went to mom and dad’s house three times I believe before mom sold it. Raven got to go once or maybe twice. We missed driving over from Maryland one year as I had an inner ear inflection. Raven never met my dad, but dad would have loved her! He did get to meet Dylan. Dylan and dad’s dog Nelson were best buddies from the minute they met. They ran around outside together, not worrying about the other dogs, just having fun running around. Happy memories of my father on Father’s Day.


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