Wander project Easter of the past…

Today’s images are from Easter 2005. A long time ago. The spring air was crisp, and the flowers are bursting from the ground. I forgot, that when the kids were young, we started Easter the same way we started Christmas Day. With the kids perched at the top of the stairs. Telling them of course, to avoid the spot on the floor where Fran and the Easter Bunny had a conversation. The kids never thought that joke was funny, but I still do!

One year in Cincinnati when my daughter was young, and the boys hadn’t arrived yet, we learned the lesson of Egg counting. We didn’t find the last hardboiled egg (that we truly didn’t know about) until it was too late. By too late, I mean that Easter had passed and we were well, into summer. The egg, when found was found by the nose, not by eyes. From that Easter on we always counted the hard-boiled eggs and remembered how much candy we put out.

When the egg, that had been forgotten (the egg that will not be named) hit the floor, it exploded, and the house smelled bad for two days. The kids would bring their basket of loot to us, we would count the hard-boiled eggs, and then send them back out. I am sure, we would say, the bunny hid more eggs somewhere in the house. We learned, after the over hiding early on to hide the eggs in simple easy to find places that Gwen and later Fran couldn’t get. It took me time, but I actually got really good at hiding Easter Candy and Eggs.


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Written by DocAndersen

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