Wander project Easter of the Past (2003)

Wandering Easter celebrations of the past. Today on the eve of Easter (does Easter have an Eve?) we are looking at images of 2003. The twins were about 5, and their older sister was about 10 or so at that time. We were still hiding candy in the house. Fran and Gwen still bragged that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t leave our house in one piece. We started the hunt with the kids perched at the top of the stairs.

The mad rush to candy and then exhaustion. The exhaustion was for the parents. We stayed up late or got up early to hide the candy. You had to be careful how you hid the candy because the noses could find anything. Nose one (Gwen) and Nose two (Fran) made hiding harder. Luckily there were things that had doors that opened and places that were kid high. Kid high was my daughter’s rule; the bunny wasn’t allowed to hide anything higher than where a kid could reach.

I always hid a few higher than kid high so that I could have a little Easter horde of my own. Sadly after the first year of hiding some for me, my wife caught on, and I had to share. She used her all-time favorite line about marriage (if you didn’t want to share you shouldn’t have gotten married). I am not sure that sharing is a marital rule, but my wife says it is. So I shared my ill-gotten candy booty. Sad really, I ended up having to hide less for the kids to make sure I got a stash.


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Written by DocAndersen

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