Wander project Easter of the past…

To all who celebrate – happy Easter!

The pictures shared come from 2004. Again, I forgot we used to make the kids wait on the stairs for Easter. For some reason, I remembered that as a Christmas tradition. But it was an Easter tradition as well. The waiting game usually began early Easter morning. It is still pretty dark at 5 am in March/April. We (by we it is my wife and me) would lie in bed as long as we could on a magical day. The longer we slept, the less screaming we had to listen to once the hunting began.

There is something magical about watching kids do easter egg hunts. Sometimes the kids simply are happy to find three or four eggs and then stop. That is when the adults have to step in and remind them that the bunny did more than four eggs. After the easter debacle of the dead hard boiled egg found a few weeks after Easter (found by the nose, not by eye), we counted the number of eggs going out into the main level of the house.

We also had rules about the location the bunny could hide stuff. The Bunny did usually break our rule and sneak upstairs to put candy or an egg in the shoes of each child. The bunny had to be careful because Fran slept in our daughter’s room, making it risky for da bunny to be prancing around shoes. We did, my wife and I, have a lot of fun hiding the candy for the Easter Bunny. The first year we learned quickly not to hide the stuff in hard to find places.


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Written by DocAndersen

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