Wander project Easter (and Bunny Beware!)

Easter is coming. In the past 20 years, we’ve always had a dog in the house. That meant if the bunny wasn’t careful, well you get the idea. I remember teasing the kids about Gwen, Then Fran eating the Easter Bunny. We don’t hide Easter Candy anymore. The kids being older means they don’t need the candy hidden. Funny how you miss them when there are holidays made for little kids. Are there any good 20 years Easter Celebrations? Easter activities designed for older kids who aren’t kids anymore?

My favorite Easter story though has to do with the hidden eggs. It was during a conversation post-Easter with my mother. Back in the day when the kids were little my mother and father always hosted an Easter Egg hunt on their front lawn. The front lawn (and back as well) of their house was pretty big. Lots of fun places to hide eggs. One year, again post-Easter, mom and I were talking about the fun the kids had.

I think actually I was showing her some of the pictures. She said that the only downside of Easter was the missed eggs. I must have looked confused because mom explained that missed eggs were found later. I was probably still confused, so she continued. Normally a month or later the eggs would get sucked into the lawn mower. There is nothing worse than a rotted, disgusting egg exploding out of the riding lawn mower and spraying across the yard. Every time I see Easter pictures I think about that.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Reminiscing the good old days especially the funny times never fail to either make us smile or laugh — and yes, kids are more enjoyable when they are still kids prolly because they look all cute ?