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There is a walk we take, well actually over the past few years it has been four different walks. We, by we I mean the management team of Labradors (Raven and Dylan) get bored if we walk the same way every single walk. So we vary the walk. In the summer, because the labs are older, we walk less than we do in the winter. In the winter, we walk less now than we did five years ago. But that was a different time and a different walk. My dog, Dylan, is very particular about walks. When I am working in my home office, he normally starts asking for the walk around 430 in the evening. He runs to the door of my office, stops, glares at me and then runs away. That is repeated until we go on his walk.

Raven is always ready for a walk, but she is less invested in the walk preparation. Raven is ready to go when it is time to go, but she will go whenever. IT is runny; the two of them have very different personalities. Raven, got into the car the day we adopted her and picked the twins. We had driven down to Richmond Virginia to meet Raven. The second stage was if she and Dylan got along, she would join our family. She and Dylan got along, and she has changed our family ever since then. Raven will eat anything, thereby forcing us to Bungie cord the pantry doors shut in the kitchen. If the doors are left just closed Dylan can open the door and Raven eats everything in the pantry including plastic.

We probably spoil our dogs. But they bring much joy and happiness. Raven spent the first part of her life with us trying to figure my wife out. My wife, allergic to cats, is more of a cat person overall. There is a difference between cat and dog people although it isn’t what people normally think it is. Many cats are sociable and friendly. Cats are more about a level of independence that dogs don’t often do. My wife, as a professed cat person, hadn’t connected with the dogs that had lived with us in the past. Yes, she loved them, but Raven decided that beyond the twins, my wife was going to be her 3rd person. Raven worked on my wife almost every day for a year.

Now Raven has three humans devoted only to her happiness!

Dylan has me, although now he does try to get my wife to do things for him!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I have both. I was raised with both in the house. But, I keep mine outside now, the cat comes in to eat and love me a little and he is asking to go back outside. The dogs would live inside but I can`t, I am allergic to all animals. But They walk me just about daily, same old route but today we went into the woods.

  2. You know I have no pets and I probably would never get used to it … for me it would be too much of an obligation …. my whole life would have to adjust to someone … and now I would have to pet …. on sadly this is not for me


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