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Wander project Disney World Day 3

“When you are up to your neck in alligators it is hard to remember your original job was to drain the swamp.” A great quote a friend had hanging in her kitchen. I remember walking by that quote many times. By day 3 of our Disneyworld vacation, we were exhausted. The difference as the kids got older for the adults was that we weren’t pushing a stroller and carrying a 20-pound bag of supplies everywhere we went.

We had decided while staying at the Polynesian that we would visit every single park. I suspect it was ambitious. But that was our goal. To fill our day with Disney Smiles and to return to the hotel, exhausted. The hotel did have a nice arcade area that we did wander to a few of the nights. My wife loves racing games that race cars so that she has a wheel or for that matter go-karts. She loves anything that allows her to put the pedal to the metal and take off.

Or better, to run the rest of us off the road, virtually. I suspect my wife should have been a race car driver.  She needs speed. They had the Indy car style racing game at the arcade. Three Indy car style sit in as you drive consoles. My wife enjoyed running every single one of us off the road that evening. We then wandered back to our room, exhausted. Well, my wife and I played cards for a ½ hour or so, until we, like the kids, slept with our Disney smile on!

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