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wander project Dad's pictures (Copenhagen)

I was moving things around in the basement yesterday. I ended up moving to my dad’s cameras. I moved the very camera that took these pictures. I stood next to my dad as he took the pictures of the little Mermaid or sometimes called the lady in the harbor. I also took a picture that doesn’t have good, with my Kodiak Instamatic 110 camera. The pictures represent a time that is now so long gone. But in 2016, when we were in Copenhagen, we had the opportunity to do the same thing, stand father and children taking pictures of the Lady in the Harbor. I have been had the opportunity to visit many different countries in my life. I have had the opportunity to live in two.

Most of my life has been in the US, but there is a significant block of time I lived in Thailand. I would say that of the two, and I know more parts of Thailand overall than the US. But the US is much bigger. I remember learning another view of history when living in Thailand. It is a valuable lesson that history has winners, losers, and those who see things differently. The kingdom of Siam was not ever a part of the British and French Indo-China empress. It remained independent during that period. Cambodia was also independent for the most part, as was China and Japan. But there were British Warships in the harbors of Thailand, there still are, to this day.

What I learned was that during the American Civil War, a very dark time in American History, the King of Thailand wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln, the American president, and offered to send War Elephants to the US to help in that war. A kind and considerate letter. Then in 1941, another letter was sent to the US President by the King of Thailand, regretfully informing the president that Thailand was aligned with the Japanese and declaring war on the United States. History has winners and losers. Sometimes what is remembered is carefully plucked and chosen. When we landed in Denmark in the 1970s, the one thing I wanted to do was have a Danish open-faced sandwich. But the memories I took from Copenhagen are more than that sandwich!

the statue tribute to Vikings!


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