Wander project more of the C&O canal…

I got some great shots along the C&O canal and of course along the Potomac River. We were just outside of Darnestown Maryland. The pictures are of one of the restored Lock houses along the trail. I have a friend who rides his bike on the trails; they are not as smooth as pavement, you do have to be careful. He managed to crash and break a couple of ribs flying over his handlebars. It is gravel, dirt mix, not smooth pavement.

As I said we love the C&O Canal, it goes all the way to Washington DC. There are even remnants of the canal in DC and one of the historical lock houses. There are many segments we have yet to explore, but give us time! I want to visit the restored Civil War era lock house. Some of the lock houses you can spend the night in. Sort of like being a lighthouse keeper for a day. You get to see how people lived 100, 200 or so years ago.

History is something that I find myself often considering. My father loved history. Both of my grandfathers were always teaching me the history of the areas we were in. I would love to say I always paid attention and heard what I was told but I don’t want to lie. Like most children, I heard the things that interested me. The others slid away from me. I struggle now, many years later to recall them because all three of my historical teachers are now gone.


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