Wander project Cincinnati (and picture caption day)!

Hey, let’s play the caption game – I added a bunch of captions to the pictures – feel free to make new ones! You can share them in the comments or on the actual images!

The pictures today are all from a trip back to Cincinnati. We lived in the city from 1991 to 1999, moving back to Indiana. In 2001, early in the summer, we drove over to Cincinnati to see our old houses, and to visit the new Children’s museum that had been moved to the old Cincinnati Grand Central Station. That move allowed the city to combine several museums. As long time residents, we wanted to wander back and see the sights.

I flew out of the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport a few times over the years we lived there. My job involving travel came to pass after we moved back to Indiana. In Cincinnati, I had a lot of local customers and only traveled a few times a year to various customer and internal company events.  That said, that airport was a considerable distance from our house. So I didn’t enjoy landing at night and then driving home. Our daughter used to love making the drive from Northern Kentucky at night, heading to Cincinnati. She loved to see the lights of the city. The road that passes through Cincinnati and then leads towards the airport climbs a big hill on the Kentucky side of the river.

When we would crest that hill, you could see Cincinnati laid out in front of you!

Anyway, there are some fun pictures today that you can make your captions for! Have fun, be creative!

Let’s have some fun and go crazy with captions!

hi you've reached the twins, we can't take your call right now...

wait what does this stop button do?

you mean chicken nuggets aren't food?

i think they gave me fried chicken feet


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