Wander project Cincinnati 1998

1998 was a tough year in our house. The boys were born late in March. The last three months before they were born my wife was on bed rest, I was driving across Cincinnati to drop one kid off at school, and the other kid was home, taking care of mom. After the boys were born, they were in the NICU for nearly two weeks. They first came home in early April 1998. They had to be fed every four hours 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every four houses the two of us would trudge to the refrigerator and get the pre-made bottles.

Then the youngest twin got sick and spent another 12 days in the Hospital and another two months of home health care. May 1998 was the month I stayed home, family leave from work. By the end of that month, I was exhausted and went back to work. My poor wife continued the struggle. To top all of that we moved from Western Hills to Mt. Airy. We actually, for the first time in our lives hired a moving company who did the vast majority of the moving.

We settled into our new home; everyone had their room for the first time. The girls had their rooms, but in our house on Schafer, the boy’s cribs were in the master. It was a very small master bedroom.  Now we were in a house with enough space for everyone. We were still getting up every 4 hours and did so until roughly July. But the boys slept through the night other than the feedings and things were settling down.

We turned the living room of the new house into a giant toy room and put baby gates on both ends. We found out how graceful Gwen could be; she easily cleared the baby gates when there was food in the living room! Life slowly began to return to normal.


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Written by DocAndersen

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