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Wander project Christmas 2018!

There is an old song (100 bottles of beer and the wall) a version of which is 1, take it down, pass it around and then skip a few 99 100. So, I am doing that for Christmas memories. We are skipping a few and presenting pictures from last year. Last year and this year are different than the day of old. IN part because we didn’t go to Indiana. We first went to Indiana, in particular, to visit my folks when we were engaged back in the early 1990s. Until last year we had gone every single year except for the one-year (2013) that I was sick. Last year we stayed in Maryland and it was fun for different reasons. I missed hanging out with my mother, sisters and brother-in-law nieces and nephew.

Our daughter had not been to Indiana for a couple of years, May 3, by the time we decided to stay in Maryland and have Christmas with the family.  The pictures are from the house, Christmas day 2018. Then it was the engaged couple, my daughter and future son-in-law and this year are the first official Christmas with a new son-in-law! Last year was a dog water year. Well, three of the dogs got sweaters. Raven, our black lab, loves playing dress-up. She loves hanging out with and being around her people. Dress-up for her is a blast and so the picture of her wearing her sweater could have been taken any time during the day. She wouldn’t take her sweater off once humans put it on.

Serenity doesn’t love sweaters like Raven. Tamsyn loves her sweater. My dog, Dylan (sometimes called Bear), doesn’t like clothes. The only clothes he will wear is one outdoor jacket. He wore a mini-tux to the wedding and didn’t do dress up. So the picture of The Bear, Dylan is him hiding by me not wanting the Girl (my daughter) or the mom (my wife) putting clothes on him. When Dylan doesn’t like the way things are going, he runs to dad. Its funny how dogs are. Over the years, Christmas has changed. The people have gotten bigger. The amount of time spent as a family has gotten smaller. The group of people got one bigger this year, but not going to Indiana made Christmas smaller in 2018.

I hope, on this eve of the second big winter holiday, that you and yours have a wonderful day!

Christmas day last year


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