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wander project chasing the horizon

There is a quest in the edge of the horizon on the ocean as you look to where the sky meets the water and pause. The pause always before charing into the horizon. The moment when you stop and wonder. Where does the sky end, and the water begins? The water gentle and brown. Brown from all the soil carried from the earth. You could wash away all the land, and the ocean would still be there ready for new soil. You are cutting the edge of the sky where the water begins. Each moment captured by the click of a camera represents the light of a moment that now gone is well on the way to Alpha Centauri. Well, on the way on a journey that will never end, light does not get tired.

The sailboat, its sails furled to catch a breath of wind, a moment of pressure pressing the sails tight and pushing the prow of the boat through the water. We are seeking the edge of the water. We wish to sail into the sky. As if Neverland was always there. As if we could for a moment slip the bonds of gravity and rising join with the sky to leave the water behind. We are free but bound. Gravity as if a friend of ours. They are gently lifting us with kind words while binding us to where we stand. We seek egress. Like the Swan or perhaps the Osprey, we are rising from the water to plunge into the blue of the sky. We do not need the wind to move, but we need the sky to lift us.

We are the mix in the end — the mix of where the sky meets the water as we journey to the end of the water, where the sky marks the horizon. Our sails are straining against the wind. The rudder in our hands as we the brave captions seek ever to move beyond the horizon. What is it we seek? What is it that is not finding it on land, or on the water we continue to push. We are not Swans, or Osprey’s that lifting from the water can join with the sky. We around bound by the limits and the guides that hold us in place. The sails unfurled, the wind pushing, the helm responding to the lightest touch. Do you seek now, the mix of sky and water that lies beyond the horizon?

on the clear day


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Well, its an interesting question, if I look from the West Coast I see the edge and know that it will take many days in a boat to reach Australia.

    However, Auckland is also known as the city of sails and there are plenty in the harbour but you need to be rich to own one of those yachts, maintenance is costly and so is berthing fees.


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