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Wander project chalkboards and a day at the beach

My father was a professor of Science Education for many years. In his role, he visited many schools over the years. The last pictures today are of a school from roughly the 1970s. A more modern classroom would have whiteboards (or as they are sometimes called Grease Boards). Back in the day classrooms had chalkboards. A chalkboard chalkboards or a board you write on with chalk produces a lot more dust than a whiteboard does. I remember when I was first teaching school that I had four chalkboards. My classroom was in a converted middle school, and the primary two walls on the inside of the classroom had chalkboards. My students always used to say, “a bad day is when Mr. A fills all the chalkboards.”

My mother loves beaches. We often went to the beach. Some of my happiest memories are going to beaches in Wisconsin and other places around the world. We, throughout our time in Thailand, went to many because in Thailand. Now, this picture is interesting. In part, we are on a beach. But you can tell from clothes that it is a somewhat cold beach. I honestly do not have a guess (where in the world was doc.) In the background of the image, there are what I would call mountains. But the air is cooler. I suspect since there aren’t large bodies of water near Changmai in Thailand that the image is not from Thailand. It is from somewhere else.

Someday, we will have picture recognition software that captures not only the people in the picture but also that latitude and longitude. I could get that information if the image came from a digital camera. But this image is a scan of a slide taken 40 years ago or more. There wasn’t an imprint by the camera onto the film with the Latitude and longitude. Back in the film camera days, the only thing printed on the slide was the date the slide was developed — the same for the picture instead of a slide. You got on the back of the picture the date the picture was printed. The date the picture was taken, however, was lost in the film camera days and for me, lost because my father, who took the picture, is no longer with us.

I wonder where the beach is, in today’s wander…

most of my family on the beach.

before you comment those pants were cool in the 70s!

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  1. I visit the beach when I see my daughter that lives in Florida. I have missed the peacefulness of visiting the beach. She will be graduating from culinary school this next year, and maybe I will get to go to the beach once again. Great photo!


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