Wander project Brown County State Park…

Today we are at the Inn, Brown County State Park which is near Nashville Indiana. We were there for a family reunion meal, with my mother’s brother’s family as well (I know my mother’s brother is my Uncle, and his family is all my cousins)! We had a blast. I am sharing all the pictures; a couple is blurry. I am not always the best photographer so excuse my inability in some cases to avoid capture motion with a still picture.

The Inn’s at the various Indiana State parks are ones we often went to over the years. Clifty Falls was one of my wife and my favorite parks when we lived in Cincinnati Ohio (it was less than an hour away). We also visited the many parks over the years around Bloomington and those even further south in the state. Brown Country was probably the closest big park near Bloomington other than McCormick’s Creek State Park.

This particular event was fun to commune and see family. We did my mother’s family reunions on occasions. The reunions were once a year when we were little always at Lake Ripley. When I stayed with my grandparents, we would always wander up to visit my Uncle in Marshfield WI. When you have kids on both sides, it is easier to pack them into the car and drive to Lake Ripley. When the kids have kids, suddenly you multiple jobs, multiple people and it is a lot harder to plan a reunion.


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. This is a wonderful collection. I feel so bad for neglecting everyone’s posts this last month is just crazy. I promise will make up for it when I go on leave next week.