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Continuing today’s trend of images by other people in my family, today some of the pictures scanned from one of the twins comic book. They worked hard on creating the comic book and the artwork shared today. For a long time, the twins were going to become computer programmers. I suspect seeing me leave on Monday and not get home until late Thursday or Friday changed their interest in IT careers.

The first four pictures are from the comic book. The next nine pictures are all the twins Bionicle creations. For many years the twins got BIoicles for various events, and I had to put them together. Then one day they no longer needed me to put them together. After that, one of the twins started creating his characters using the mix and match parts to build their creations. The comic book was also developed during this period.

If I remember correctly, the twins were around 7 or so when they stopped having me build Bionicles for them. They may have been younger. They weren’t older than seven at the time they were creating the Bionicles and comic book. Seeing the creations again brings back memories. I enjoyed their creations and started taking pictures of them. I suspect the creations were photographed over a six, or even seven month period. They are still amazing to this day!


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