Wander project Apple Orchards!

When I was a little kid, many years ago, we would wait until the fall and then go to the Orchard and get lots of good apples. My father loved apples. Tart, sweet, crisp whatever kind of apple, as long as it was fresh my dad loved them. When the farm was first envisioned, the Apple Orchard was the first part to be completed, other than Ole’s place (Ole’s place was a tribute to my grandfather Andersen Henry Oliver Andersen). The images today are from a trip to the Apple Orchard when the twins were little. Everyone in the photo is older now; then they were then. But these pictures are of a trip to the Orchard. I love going to the Orchard in the fall.

Apple Butter, apple’s honey, apple cider all of those things mean fall to me. Leaves are changing color and cooler air outside as we walk. All parts of the season we call fall. For me, the wonder and the wander portion is the trip to the Apple Orchard. That for me is the right of passage, the moment that I know fall has arrived. We hop in the car and head off to the Orchard. There are a couple near where we live now. For the past few years, we’ve gone to Butler Orchard. We are going to try a new one this year. Not that Butler Orchard isn’t fantastic it is. But more that we sometimes like to do new things. Plus I’ve been driving by this other orchard on my way to work.

My father loved Apples. He was no Johnny Appleseed, wandering the middle of the US planting apples everywhere he stopped. Which by the way, is kind of goofy, just by eating apples as you go and dropping the cores there is a good chance you just planted an apple tree. My dad, however, had labored to dig holes (readme) and my mother). 100 plus apple, pear, walnut, hazelnut and so on trees. Sadly they are now all gone. Dwarf fruit trees are only living 20 or so years. But the memory of going with my father to Melton Orchard in Monroe County Indiana remains one of my happiest childhood memories. One that my wife and I recreate every fall. Time to go to the Orchard!


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