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Wander project Annapolis MD…

Two things today’s pictures teach us. The first is that I should never hand the camera to my wife. Without a camera in my hands to take a picture of her taking a picture of me, she takes many more pictures of me than I would like. The beautiful Bay scenery lies all around, and she takes pictures of me. As you can see from the other pictures taken that day, there is so much to see in the Bay. We could take the same spot picture 10 times, and you would see nine different things.

Instead, you get several pictures of me, being the Captain. I am told that based on Naval ranks the person sitting in the seat on the other side of the Captain is the Admiral. Admirals, I am told outrank Captains. I would love to find out how the selection of Captain versus Admiral occurred. Perhaps, I would even like the opportunity to vote on status. I was not afforded that luxury. I am even told that Raven has achieved Admiral status.

Raven as the admiral would probably send the entire fleet to get her lunch.

We love watching the sailboats. That is one of our goals this year is to take a sailing lesson. Not to give up power boats and power boating, rather try once the process of sailing. It seems almost an art the way some people on the Bay do it, tacking from left to right with the wind.


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