Wander project Annapolis MD!

In the night kitchen by Maurice Sendak was a personal favorite (Mickey and the Night Kitchen was the full title I believe)      book when I was a teacher. I loved the book then. Now I love the dancing lights at night. Digital cameras are so much better now than they used to be when it comes to low lux photography. I have many streaky images of light around Cinderella’s castle in Disney World from roughly 17 years ago. The original digital cameras did not do well in low light.

I LOVE THE NIGHT PICTURES. When we got back to the water taxi, it was dark. We were in the taxi with another couple; they were going out to their boat that was moored in the inner harbor. There are two parts to the harbor, the traditional marina, and in the morning. Morning is safer for boats in the long run. They are not tied to a dock. If the water goes up, they go up. If the water goes down, they go down. Overall a much safer process.

The lights of Annapolis are all around the inner harbor. Not as much as downtown Baltimore, but Baltimore is a much bigger city than Annapolis is. Baltimore is also a much bigger port. It was fun dropping the other couple off at their sailboat. Although I have to say; it looked a little uncomfortable for both of them having to climb up to their boat, from the taxi. It was probably a good two-three foot up and well most likely uncomfortable.

I wonder how hard it would be to get on a moored sailboat from a dinghy.


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