Wander project Annapolis MD!

If you go south, you head towards the Atlantic Ocean. If you go North (and a little East), you head towards Baltimore. If you go due west, you are in Annapolis. At least you are if your starting point was the marina. Since our starting point was the marina yesterday, we headed almost due west. We wandered by the US Naval academy. The Midshippeople were not out in their sailboats. Everyone and I mean everyone else that owned a power boat was out yesterday. The water, with a 6-8 mile per hour breeze was already choppy. With three kids under the age of 10, I wasn’t comfortable going out into the Bay. Once you get out into the more open water of the bay, the wind makes for more waves.

(actually, the moon is the major tidal pull, but the wind moves the surface around a whole lot).

Once we cleared back creek (where our Marina is) the water got rough pretty fast. I was worried about the little kids. They were the ones that adapted the quickest. They were moving around the boat having a blast very quickly. There were enough adults that it didn’t matter that they were moving around the boat, we could help and manage where they were. Except for me, I had to drive. Lars was taking his usual Sunday off. I wonder if Lars truly does work during the week as he claims.  Yesterday was the largest crowd we had ever had on the boat, kind of a nice test. We had nine people, and there were plenty of seats left over, and most importantly everyone had a life jacket.

Having your life jacket on means, you are ready for anything to happen. It also increases your chances of surviving a boating accident significantly (more than 70% of all drownings because of accidentally falling off, of an accident between two boats, occurs because the person in question wasn’t wearing a life jacket. When you have the chance, put on the life jacket, it truly fits its name Life Jacket!). I did throttle down and go slowly. At first, it was because of the kids, but once we were underway, they were fine. Mostly it was so people could easily move around and enjoy lunch. My wife had a wonderful snacky lunch that she was serving down below! Fun day on the water with friends!


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