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Wander project a walking tour of Sydney!

One of the best parts of visiting Sydney was the weekend between the meetings. A dear friend was on the team, while the rest of the team took off for Tokyo, he and I had to stay for additional meetings in Canberra and Melbourne. We were leaving for Melbourne Sunday mid-day. That meant we had a chance to wander Sydney on foot Saturday. My friend  is the person that taught me “walk before you eat.” So we walked 10 miles including some of the pictures shared today. We walked from the hotel which was near the Opera house, to the second harbor (Sydney has some harbors). Our goal for the first walk was to get to a “swap meet.”

I wanted to get things for the kids, and my wife and my friend had been to Sydney many times. So we wandered to the market. I love markets in Asia. You can get virtually anything you want,  at a good price. In Thailand my favorite Sunday trip in Bangkok was always, wandering to the Sunday Market. In Singapore, it is the night market (although you do have to be careful with money and wallets at the night market).  I found something for all three kids but nothing for my wife. Then we walked from the Quay; you can see the pictures of boats docked and the water, from there to a sporting goods store. My friend loved the store; although I cannot remember the name now, it has been ten years after all.

From the sporting goods store, we wandered to the botanical gardens that are on the peninsula that the Sydney Opera house is on. The gardens are amazing, and we walked through them for a long time. We ended up having lunch at the restaurants that are just below the opera house. You don’t realize how huge the Opera house is until you sit right under it. It is a massive building. The restaurants were all “fast” food style in Asian places. I was happy; they all served various Lamb dishes. I love lamb, but it is not as available in the US. At least it is very expensive sometimes. It was nice to enjoy the food and sitting outdoors watching the people walk by. Then it was back to hoofing it.

I did find my wife the perfect present in Melbourne, but that conversation is for another day.


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