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Wander project a family portrait.

The pictures today represent family portraits from around 2007. We were gathered in most likely the near Christmas time of year, and sitting on the marble fireplace of the house. The marble was a façade, as we found out later when four of the tiles cracked and had to be replaced. But the pictures, the first tow with Fran and then one of the windows in the light from above of the house.  Time is the great equalizer. I don’t remember taking these pictures. I do remember where the picture was taken. It was in the living room of our house in Indiana. I don’t even really remember if the picture was taken on a timer or if someone else took the picture.

Funny how sometimes the memory around a picture escapes us. I have this picture, I know it is of value to me at the time it was taken, but now that value is gone. Sometimes we pick up pictures, and they have value. You look at them, and you are transported to the moment. That process that whisking away that happens is the joy of the picture. Sometimes the picture that takes us away isn’t even the best picture in a group. Sometimes it is the worst picture in that group. The one at the time you probably thought, I will throw this one away. I won’t keep this picture. But if you grew up in the film and print days, you probably keep the questionable pictures and don’t throw them away.

The one that caught my eye wandering pictures today was the one of Fran trying to getaway. She and the Girl had a frequent argument about who was ultimately in charge. In that picture, you see my daughter holding Fran, but he still trying to getaway.  I cannot tell you why that picture of the ones spoke to me first. My system is to look at a few pictures before picking the ones I publish with the post. I try to keep the total pictures of a post to 5 or fewer; that way, the pictures tend not to be stripped from the post later. But also because then I can focus on the story that comes to mind. Today, there is no story with the picture because I don’t recall the why of the picture then!

the family circa 2007 Fran trying to escape!

my bestie!


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