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A link to the Wikipedia article on defamation and Libel. Libel being part of, and defamation being part of the reality that is the legal burden someone has to be willing to take on to truly have FakeNews be Fake News. I read an interesting article where the author argued that in fact there was little to no reporting of the economic news in the US. That the growing US economy was ignored. I suspect that person doesn’t often watch the news. 

  2. All the major news organizations also have a financial reporting channel, CNBC,     MSNBC. CNN Money and of course Bloomberg all reported extensive reports on the growth of the US economy.
  4. The scariest thing about the reporting did, is that the ONLY ONE reported the scary reality of the US growth. The gap increased and has increased since the passage of the tax bill in the US     earlier this year.
  6. What is the gap? The Gap between the poorest and wealthiest Americans increased and had increased every month since April 2018. Most economists point out that at best that is not a healthy economy. At worst the growth could spur a massive economic pivot (as in the stock market falling).

I would like for a moment to talk about one of the pictures today. It, as you wander, the pictures has my wife, sisters and mother all in a asimilar outfit. I suspect my mother made them. They are not something I would ever wear, sorry mom.

The thing I miss about Indiana is the ability to head down to Bloomington for family events. IT is a long drive now. Honestly, though, we’ve dispersed as well. Only my nieces, mother and sister/brother in the law remain in Indiana. My other sister and her husband moved to Illinois. My nephew is now in Seattle. It is a dispersed reality now, overall.

Still, I do miss the days of easy family gatherings.


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