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wander project a 29 year wander…

If I may this day walk 29 years. I met my wife many times over the years. The last time we met was a friend set us up. I was making cookies for my class and potato soup for dinner. My roommate invited a guest for dinner and never actually showed up. That night was what we now call our first date. Our second date was going to a collection of one-act plays. Our third date was going to the old Goldrush Restaraunt in Bloomington. We went twice the first time was Friday evening the restaurant had a shrimp all you could eat event at the bar. The second time we went for dinner and ended up sharing a prime rib dinner. All of that was nearly 30 years ago now.

Who is the person that is my wife? Well, my wife is a hard worker. She finished her college degree when many don’t. By the line many don’t, she completed her degree after ten years. Most people that go to college for more than ten years end up without a degree. But my wife did, and I am proud of her for that. Another thing about my wife is that is doesn’t like horseradish. I learned that on our 4th date. We went to my parent’s house (I do remember the confusion mom)! My mom thought my new girlfriend that was coming to their home was a different person than the person I brought. In the end, that confusion was my fault. But, my dad was in the kitchen cooking when we arrived. He asked my new girlfriend to try something he had made. She kindly said, yes. It was a fresh horseradish. Based on my previous relationship, my dad wanted to make sure this one was a keeper. So fresh horseradish to see if she would like my failed relationship, pontificate. Instead, she asked nicely for water. She passed the test!

We, my wife and I have set many dreams over the years. We’ve gotten most of them done so far. The last few ideas are coming! I won’t bore you with 29 reasons why my wife is the best. I will leave you with examples. When my grandfather, who was one of my dearest friends on earth, died, my wife was there. She talked to me and let me cry.  When my dad died, my wife was there. But, the thing I would say the something that marks the last 29 years is that my wife is my BFF. I used to tell her when I traveled that the travel wasn’t real until I showed her the pictures. But it is more than that. She is the person I go to when things are working. She is also the person I go to when things don’t work.

Thank you for 29 years, my love.

(all the pictures taken by my wife while she was in Paris.)

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