Wander project 2001 Chicago!

Another family trip to Chicago. This one with the larger family, and the first experience with a waterproof camera. Later, as the cameras got better, we have much better underwater pictures of the kids. These are fun because the kids are younger and still holding their noses to have their heads below water. That is a fun transition for the photographer and the kid as well, moving from holding your nose as you put your head underwater, to just putting your head underwater.

The images shared first come from a picture disk, so they were film camera images. We were, during the early 2000 period still transitioning. My wife was not a fan of digital cameras at first, so we were still straddling the world of both. The images come from the Hyatt Hotel downtown Chicago and their pool. The pool is located pretty high up in the hotel, and you get a great view from the windows around the pool.

Funny how memories slide around and change over time. There are many trips to Chicago that I can write volumes about. Hours upon hours of both wonder and amazement. We enjoyed every single trip we took over the years to the city where I was born. From Old Town to Downtown Chicago are a place packed with amazing activities and some great places to stop and eat a meal. Two of my favorite foods are within walking distance of downtown, Uno’s Pizza (store number 1) and an Italian Beef sandwich at any of the sandwich stands.


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One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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