Wander project second visit to KL December 2004

The second trip to KL was during the first part of December 2004. The funny thing about business travel is that once you have been somewhere the next time you go, things are different. But they are different in that you have been there before. There are less touristy things to do and more focus on getting the job done. I did transfer to the JW Marriott hotel. I have to say that hotel has the best lounge (Concierge Lounge) I’ve ever had an opportunity to sit in. The first few pictures in this share are family Thanksgiving 2004 in Tallahassee Florida.

Marriott always lets’s Platinum rewards members in their lounges for free (you don’t have to pay the extra fees to be on the Concierge level). The lounge was two floors, the very top of the hotel and it was amazing. Nice breakfast buffet served there every morning. Nice snacks there as well at night. Plus the JW, like the Mandarin, was also attached to a mall. That meant I had plenty of places to wander and browse.

The other thing that was fun for me was the restaurant not in the JW, but in the lobby of the mall area. I can’t remember the name, but it was one of the best restaurants I ever had a chance to eat in. When you travel for business, you get used to eating alone. The first few times it is a little disconcerting to ask for a table for one. They usually put all the business travelers into the same area of the restaurant I guess as a cautionary tale for the rest of the diners. See, get the wrong job, and you as well will be eating alone.

(ps wasn’t as much of a tourist, plus was a lot more engaged in the project on the second visit this is all of the second visit pictures).


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