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Views from Scenic Drive

One pilgrimage that I’ve done for many years is to drive through Scenic Drive, Titirangi in West Auckland. You drive through the Waitakere Ranges, prime New Zealand bush. You are way above sea level and at times your ears pop because the height has changed as you drive.

You need to take care and pay attention to these roads as often after the rain there are slips in the road and a cliff on the side of the road. It pays to plant trees on hills as it prevents soil erosion and then the land becomes bare with rain fall.

I took these photos from the passenger side of the car.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


    • Thanks LaJenna, Im glad you like the view. When you are driving, the bends are winding and you really need your concentration on the driving. I still take in the beauty around me when driving and there is something cleansing about doing this drive.

  1. Very tropical looking drive. What great views you picked out to portray. love this post. It’s like taking a drive with you. We have very similar landscapes, and drivers in the mountains. I sometimes just pull over and let them pass!

    • Hardly ever snows if ever, we had snow a very light dusting about 5 years ago but it melted away within minutes. The time it snows is about once in 50 years in the Waitakeres. Thanks so much for your comments