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Unusual walks in the Danish forest

What is the Danish coniferous forest Rold Skov famous for? There (Rebild Municipality, North Jutland) you can be “robbed” and will keep “in captivity” but just half an hour (for the prepayment). The local picturesque thieves/“Robin Hoods” even have their own price list! It is possible that they already master high-tech, so beware!

Do you want to see the robbers, but not on foot? No problem! You will be delivered to them in a carriage pulled by horses! As you probably already guessed, this service will also require a certain amount of Danish Krones.

By the way, as I think, if you will know these robbers closer, they can be quite nice folks like their colleagues from the children fantasy book Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter (by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren).

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Something about this fascinating excursion in more detail.

Brief information about Rold Skov

Rold Skov is the second largest forest in Denmark (its total area is about 80 km2). It consists of several forests: Hesselholt, Nørreskov, Nørlund skov and the Rold Vesterskov. Rold Skov is home to deer, roes, foxes and other animals and birds.

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Long ago the forest was beech, but now (because of large scale planting of coniferous trees in 1850) it is coniferous. Here, among other trees, you can see Douglas fir (a close “cousin” of the famous Oregon pine), noble fir, etc.

Tourists and locals often invited to Rold Skov on interesting excursions and sports events.

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