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Trip to Baguio

Hello, everyone. I’ve been inactive for the past couple weeks because I’ve been really busy, and one of the things that really got me busy was our trip to Baguio, Philippines last week. My dad, my mom, my uncle, and I went to Baguio because my uncle has never been there and he wanted to go. We stayed there for a couple days and we went home because it was raining hard and it won’t be a good idea to stay a little longer because the trip home would be too dangerous, as the roads in Baguio are steep and slippery.

Anyway, I really enjoyed even if we were there for a short time. It was very cold because it was always raining and when we arrived at our destination, it was very foggy. We went to the cemetery of negativism, the secret garden, and the Bell house, all in Camp John Hay. I definitely had a good time, and I hope before this year ends, we’ll be able to return to Baguio once again.


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Written by janelledelacruz