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Tree Lined Street in Auckland

Here is a tree lined street in Buckingham Avenue, Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ.

Now a lot of people like me grew up in NZ feeling isolated in the world and some of the members of this world outside NZ have come to live with us, over 150 different types of people, languages and cultures live in New Zealand’s greatest city, Auckland.

However, here is an interesting concept. What are you looking for?

Some people think that the grass grows greener than the other side of the fence? Not necessarily so. You really don’t know this fact until you get there. Advertising is paid to tell you that the grass is greener than your side of the fence, but really it looks great as a tourist destination. To live there, well is it really your home?

Don’t leave home until you have seen your country!

Advertising tells you to be a follower of fashion. Really? Do you really like the fashions you see? Or do you decide you like them because others tell you that it is the thing to be.

Think about it, decide for yourself. No, people don’t want to stand alone, but don’t they all want to be in the Jet Set?

Leah Jets was started by a man who created private personal Jets. I will tell you something, any artist worth their salt would be insulted to copy another artist’s work to sell it. Because any true artist is one of a kind.. Themselves. I don’t want to follow Leah Jet, to be one of the rich crowd. I want to be that someone who makes the Jets.

Maybe people are afraid of their own incredible power because it’s uncomfortable.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone. Im glad I didn’t make the mob. I have a brain, a heart, a mind, a body and a voice and that is me!

Should you choose to let your light shine, you will give others permission to do the same.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. A memory of the golden autumn. They say the karma is weighing in place. I am already 12 years old in Spain and will always be a foreigner. I left my homeland for family reasons – like a mistreated woman. My small Bulgaria is a very beautiful country.

    • These trees are very beautiful and change with every season. So too do our lives and we don’t always know the reason. There is a gentle wind blowing and from above there is a someone who cares. Every person is important in this universe. Although I can’t prove it, there is nothing wrong with hope.

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