Rise To Top-4

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Ms.T was stuck up another hour before the rains subsided. One trucker’s vehicle could be towed away while the other was moved a bit back out of the subway to open a decent traffic clearing width.Ms.T’s chauffeur soon got to work and the SUV was free and racing the city streets towards official headquarters of Langfords. It was a sprawled, ¬†chic and imposing 36 storied building errr skyscarper. T had an office on the 35th floor some 20000 square feet of plush and luxurious official cum living space. Three elevators opened in three sections of this space-one was strictly office space ,the other was a strictly official one and the third was a guest facility where fine hosting was available on tap. We shall talk about them later as and when occasion arises to visit them in the story line up. As of now T stepped out of the SUV and swiftly moved to the elevator hub exclusively reserved for the Langfords. She boarded her office space elevator and was soon shown into her vast, neat and impeccable office by her staff.

Office was opulent. 2 inches thick wall to wall Persian carpet, rich Italian furniture, Bond street furnishings, Mahogany wooden works, a state of the art communications hub, a well stocked bar and pantry, noise proof doors and windows, personal conference room, central heating and conditioning, a personal theater etc. to name just a few luxury contraptions that made up this office space . Restrooms were largely marble and had Swiss fittings. T was an art collector and she had the her collection of paintings tastefully displayed on walls.

For now Ms T walked straight into the inner chamber which was her office. Her assistant (lets call him A) was a middle aged bloke and he began to organize things for her. She got rid of her overcoat, adjusted swishes in her skirt (there were a few due to long sitting through the traffic snarl), shook her blouse and hairs to shrug off static energy and tension and then sank into her swivel chair. She began to make calls. In between her staff would walk in with papers and she would sign them all after little exchanges of words. The wall size TV screen suddenly came alive. It enabled direct casting of live views of Langford properties throughout the world. In smaller PIP screens several local and international channels played.

Suddenly T stopped talking on phone and her eyes were riveted on a local channel that was reporting traffic snarl,thunder storm and then that crash and the activities of that strange man(rescuer of children). Even professional coverage could show only a faded glimpse of the man and then diverted to another news and footage. T called out to her secretary to get her handbag. As soon as she got hold of it, she dipped her hand in it to ferret out something. Her facial expressions changed to that of mild irritation and then she upturned the entire bag on her table. She chagrined fast enough and told her secretary that her personal mobile set was missing. She gave instructions to locate it at once and then she began pacing the chamber in some newly found worry.


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.