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Tourist Spots in Manipur, North East India.

Loktak Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in northeast India. This Lake is famous for phumdis. Do you know phumdis? Phumdis means decomposition of waste and organic matters that float on the water. We can walk on the phumdis. As you can seen on these photos many green circles are floating over it, they are phumdis. We can walk over it. We can even build houses over it. It’s an amazing gift of God to human mankind. Let me explain you the meaning of Loktak Lake ( Lok = stream, Tak = End ). StreamEnd. The main source of hydroelectricity power is generated from this Lake.

Loktak Lake is located in Moirang Manipur. We call the spot as Sendra the tourist spot of Manipur, Many people around the world visit Manipur to see the Loktak Lake and many more. The face of Manipur pride is only the floating lake, the Loktak Lake only. Manipur state have a floating park also name as Keibul Lamjao National Park. Keibul Lamjao National park is very famous in India. This floating park is the only national floating park whole over in India.

Many fisher men build houses on the phumdis and the government of Manipur build school on the floating phumdis. This is amazing “houses, schools, hotel, restaurants” all over in the center of the lake. I suggest if you visit Manipur, just visit Loktak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park in Moirang Manipur.


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Written by Deepak Raj Sharma


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