Top 10 sights to see in El Salvador

El Salvador, the smallest country in Central American is the only one with no access to the Caribbean. The narrow coastal plain rises towards a mountainous, active and abandoned volcanic and cluster lake region, overlooking the central plateau – there lives a major part of the country’s population. In the Salvador, also known as the Earth of Volcanoes, are a frequent eruptions. There are also hurricanes and earthquakes in the country.

The Salvadoran culture was shaped by Spanish culture, traditions of Indians, a Catholic church with a great reputation. Surfing is one of the main components of the Salvadoran lifestyle that you can try and experience. No problem if you have never tried such an attraction – for the beginners there are a team of local professional teachers. Playa EL Tunco Beach is exactly where you will find out what pleasure it is.

This country of the tropics is well known by its enough pleasant climate, tempting nature and culture, a country of dreams, colorful like the whole world, becoming more open and comfortable.


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