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Top 10 popular sights to see in Gvatemala

Travel to Guatemala is a fireplace of Mayan civilization. Overgrown by jungle Mayan ruins, glamorous Guatemalan towns worshiping strange gods, lakes between volcano hats, and, of course, the warm Caribbean Sea, shining like turquoise. The generations of well known Indians – the Aztecs, Mayans and others have left such a profound trace not only in Guatemala but throughout Central America, that even thousands of years have failed to destroy their inheritance!

Vacationing in Guatemala will inspire you to take an interest in old civilizations and discover the wisdom of ancestors that is unknown to us, modern people. The weather here is humid and hot, the nature is unique, and the historical heritage is authentic and it’s intact!

The area you will get to know while traveling is unique with a variety of nature and landscapes is charming, contrasting and unique. You adventure seekers in the Mayan  will be inspired to explore the archaeological parks listed on the UNESCO Heritage List: discover the magnificent Mayan city of Tikal and surrounding forests, explore Mayan art and history in the charming town of Kopan.


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