Top 10 most famous sights to see in Iran

Iran is a great magic chest for curious treasure hunters. A trip to Iran is a great opportunity to get to know a country that tourists often bypass, because it’s still a myth that foreigners are not welcome here. Iran is a modern and hospitable country, in which the traditions that have characterized the millennium are in harmony with the modern world. The impressive architectural structures, the ancient Persian heritage and the unclassified culture simply enchant and tempt.

Iran opens to the visitor’s eyes with a blue domes, openwork of medieval walls, shiny shades of jewels, and sophisticated patterns of fine fabrics. Iran has many historical sights. After all, it was a former territory of Persia, where many remains of the ruins of history were preserved. It is a huge country with a great variety of natural and climatic features.

You will see impressive historical monuments featuring magnificent times of the Persian Empire, will experience local hospitality, smiles and sincerity, will silent touch to the most beautiful Persian desert, accompanied by the sounds of the starry desert music.


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Written by Fortune


  1. cool pictures. i read that graphic novel and saw the movie version of Persepolis, which was based on the author’s life in Iran. Marjan Satrapi. the graphic novel movie was in french. so, i bought graphic novel book, which is very thick, but it was in english. they were both fun and interesting.