The most impressive places in the world (II)

I continue to add the most impressive places in our beautiful world. There is one more bunch of amazing places to see if you will be in these areas. The first part of my article you can read here.

So, this time you can visit Cappadocia. It is a geological miracle of stunning beauty in Central Anatolia, Turkey. This is a region called the dream country. Cappadocia has an incredible form of hills, caves, complex tunnel systems that form entire underground cities.

Tianzi mountain is 67 square kilometers long natural mountain reserve with the highest peak at 1262 m. There are even four miraculous times when it attracts most visitors: The sea of the clouds, Moonlight glow, Sunrise and Snow in the winter.

Antelope Canyon is located in the USA, Arizona. The length of the canyon is 8 km. This little-known sandstone canyon is a natural creation of nature, where throughout the day, the light, colors, and canyon’s shapes shine with constant changing beauty.

There are other beautiful impressive places, just check my post. 


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