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The paradise to which enter want not all tourists

Some beautiful places in the world look like a  paradise for the tourists. Eternal summer, white sand, azure, warm sea water, and of course, the sun heat. But there are also places where all that exist, but people do not rush there. For one or other reason. Some of such paradise, not abundantly visited by tourists, are in the islands.

Beautiful islands having so much beauty, but tourists do not love them. Why? The islands have different reasons. It can be a bad geographic location, too distant islands, changed by the climate, some islands are too poor to develop the tourism. Anyway, island paradise – where to spend an unforgettable vacation? If you got tired of usual places of your vacation, you can always find a new one.

There I list ten islands that look like a paradise for the people, but for some reasons are the least visited by tourists.


Those beautiful islands last year visited 34.000 tourists. It is too little for such beauty as you can see in these islands. Perhaps, the reason is its location.  Local people put efforts to develop tourism as much as they can. 

Solomon islands

The locals try to develop the country's tourism as much as possible, offering activities such as diving in the ocean, and so on. True, the infrastructure and connections of these islands are poor, and perhaps this is the reason why Solomon Islands are visited by just over 24,000 tourists from different parts of the world annually.

American Samoa

In the past year, American Samoa visited just 20,000 tourists. For the Americans, this island is better known for its athletes - some 30 national American football players come from these islands.


During the past year, only about 15,000 tourists visited this island state in the Indian Ocean. This determines that this country is one of the least visited countries in Africa.


Dominica is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is the youngest state in the Little Antilles, often called the most natural state in the Caribbean, due to its beautiful natural beauty, rare plants, animals, and birds. In this country is also the second largest global hot spots in the world. Dominica visited just about 8 thousand tourists a year.

São Tomé and Príncipe

The least-favored by tourists islands in Africa. This two islands state is located in the Gulf of Guinea. This country is visited by about 8 thousand tourists a year. A number of factors have contributed to the small number of tourists: many tourists seem to be uncomfortable with the location of this island, while others seem that there is nothing to do. Indeed, tourism in this country is very undeveloped.


The fourth least visited state of the island is a great place to enjoy surfing the Internet - since 2003, Wi-Fi has been deployed throughout the whole island. True, even such a modern solution did not help attract more tourists.


This is another island in the Pacific Ocean, attracting a small number of tourists. Only about 6 thousand people visit Kiribati a year. The main reason for the small number of tourists visiting Kiribati is climate change. It is believed that this island will be one of the first to become underwater due to climate change. The local authorities are already encouraging local people to move to other countries, and tourists are not much expected here.

Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are visited by just over 5 thousand annually. Like Kiribati, this group of islands is heavily affected by climate change, the water level there has already risen sharply.


The smallest visited country in the world is located on the island of Tuvalu. Only one thousand tourists visit this island state in the Pacific during the year. Tourism in Tuvalu practically does not exist. The majority of people visiting the country come here for business.

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  1. Lovely posts. I can give you a good reason why some islands are not visited in the Pacific Islands, because even today some of the native people were cannibals. Especially, the Melonesians. However, today, they almost don’t exist.
    Other than that, most people are part of the herd and only visit well known places. Im speaking of those who have the money to go to these places.

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