Grand Lido Negril - aerial view of property

Spoiled Vacation – 8

The Manager of the hotel tried to dissuade Wendy, making promises, offering discounts,  but Wendy was firm.

“I’ve taken photos on my phone and I’m going to send them to every where I know… because this is NOT what I expected. I came here because you made it seem that I would not be harassed. But I haven’t been here for four hours and can’t use the sea, sit on the shore.”

The Manager assured her it wouldn’t happen again.

“You are saying that the Security will tell them to harass other people, right?  I’ll be safe and other tourists won’t?”

The manager didn’t know how to answer.


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Written by jaylar


    • This is a tourist at an all-inclusive. The story unfolds for the reader as it does for Wendy. Wendy, like the reader finds herself at this hotel;. As this is 8th part of the story, if you read the first you’d learn that she went to the sea, was surrounded by beach boys, fled. Tried to go back, again surrounded, complains the security, gets no satisfaction, so marches to the manager’s office.