Grand Lido Negril - aerial view of property

Spoiled Vacation – 13

Wendy stood, talking to one of the Owners of this All Inclusive Hotel. A hotel that was advertised and highly rated.

In clumps were what the owner was calling ‘bungaboys’; beach boys. Not boys, men. Many ugly who harassed the women on the beach. Or maybe for others, it wasn’t harassment.

“I once asked a woman what was going on. She had cursed the security guard in the foulest language for trying to chase those bungaboys from the beach. She told me, and this is later, after she’d calmed down, that many women come here to ‘buy’ a man for the time they are here.”

“Buy?”  Wendy repeated.

“Apparently, they want to be in charge of the relationship so they pay or don’t pay, they say when and where and what and how.  And they enjoy it. Then they leave. They leave and return months later and buy another one.”

“That’s.. that’s…”

“Shocking? Oh yes.  I was shocked. But apparently, if you watch, you’ll see that you and I are the minority.”


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Written by jaylar

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