Grand Lido Negril - aerial view of property

Spoiled Vacation – 12

Wendy stood on the veranda of the hotel, looking off to sea. Hearing the voice of one of the owners  of the Hotel.

“At first we maintained the belief that our guests did not want to be disturbed. We  believed that our guests were like you, women who came to a ‘safe’ environment. That our guests came from the sea, the sun, the relaxation.”

Wendy nodded, of course.

“No. Many women came  for sex. They’d book a room, they’d go to Sunsplash and come back with someone. Those ‘some ones’ they brought back began to hang around the hotel outside of Sunsplash.

The Security Guards would remove them, or call the police, to have them removed. This caused a bad reaction amongst our guests.

“At a meeting of all the Owners, most of them believed that women came here alone to buy a Beach Boy.  That if we prevented those men…” and the woman pointed to the pockets of bungaboys which hung about the shore….  “from coming into the property, we would lose many of our ‘regulars’.  I was vocal to maintain this property at a higher level, but was outvoted.”

“So you are telling me that women like me come here for that…?” And Wendy pointed at one of the uglier men.

“They won’t go near you…”  The woman told her.


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Written by jaylar


    • Ha! It is quite shocking to go to some of these resorts for no matter how old a woman may be, there will always be bungaboys racing to “Hi Nice Lady…”