Grand Lido Negril - aerial view of property

Spoiled Vacation – 9

Wendy wanted to spend her two weeks vacation on this island, at this hotel. She didn’t want to go back home on the next flight, but she didn’t see why she should pay to be the victim of Tourist Harassment.

With a security guard ‘patrolling’ there should not have been a single ‘Beach Boy’ at the Hotel. But there were gangs of them.

How could they get on to the property unless permitted?

The Manager didn’t know what to say. He looked at the security guard for a moment, then turned to Wendy and  said he would give her a free day, to make up for the discomfort, and that the security guards would be more active.

“Okay, but if it happens again, I want a full refund because I didn’t pay for this.”

The manager nodded.

Wendy left the office, went to her room. She would give the so-called security thirty minutes to alert the Beach bums  to leave her alone.

And, wondered if she would have a two week stay here.


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Written by jaylar