Grand Lido Negril - aerial view of property

Spoiled Vacation – 3

Wendy was a bit frightened to go so far away on her own, but hey!  She was twenty years old. A grown up.

She didn’t need Mommy and Daddy to hold her hand.

That Cindy had preferred to be with Jack than with her, well… she might have done the same thing if she had met someone like Jack.

The Hotel was an all-inclusive so having paid up front she had nothing further to worry about. She would get on the plane, be picked up by the Hotel’s special bus, taken to the premises, given a room, all her meals.

It all felt so safe that being alone was not as scary as it would be if she had to find her own hotel, her own transport, pay for meals.It felt safe.

It wasn’t.


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Written by jaylar

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